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We will be the best in the business field with our reliable technology and years of experience.

2018 year
Patent & Trademark registration
2016 year
Signed a distribution agreement for GMO mid-sized domestic water heater
2015 year
Acquired ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001: 2004 certification in 2015
Selected as a venture company and INNO-BIZ company
Production and sales of small electric water heater 50L (bottom-up type)
2014 year
Supplied RANI Co., Ltd. OEM small water heater
2013 year
Production and sales of small storage water heaters (5 models)
Launched water heater in Korea - Production and sales of 5 small water storage-type water heater
2012 year
Selection of CLEAN business site and establishment of coordination business place
Renewable energy tank production (geothermal, solar heat)
Development and production of small storage water heater
2009 year
Winner of Grand Prize as Promising Brand, Living category, Gyunghyang.com
Changed company name to Nano Enertec Co., Ltd.
2008 year
Expansion of 2nd plant production facilities (hoist 10t)
Contracted to supply GMO mid-sized electric water heater to RANI Co., Ltd.
2007 year
Signed the import agreement of China GMO mid-sized water heater
2006 year
Acquired the Stability Certification for Electric Appliances, Korea Electric Power Research Institute (140L, 240L, 340L, 430L)
Signed the agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation for the midnight electric water heater
Acquired the Safety Certification for Electrical Appliances from Korea Electric Power Research Institute (10L, 15L)
Contracted OEM supply agreement for wooden boiler with RANI Industrial Co., Ltd.
Established and moved Gimpo new factory
2005 year
Acquired the Safety Certification for Electrical Appliances from Korea Electric Power Research Institute (30L, 50L, 80L, 100L)
Exclusive right agreement for domestic distributions of water storage-type Angel water heater of China
Obtained ISO 9001: 2000 / KSA 9001: 2001 certification
2004 year
Established Rani Enerec Co., Ltd.
Concluded Hoseo University Industrial Safety Technology Certification
Concluded the Korea Electric Power Corporation mid-night equipment contract
Concluded OEM supply agreement for late-night electric boiler of RANI Industrial Co., Ltd.
Signed mid-night equipment contract with KEPCO

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